Safety regulations - COVID19

The health of our guest and team members it will always be our first priority.

We took all necessaries measures to make sure that our guest will have a safe pleasant stay.
Our commitment is to ensure quality services and unforgettable experiences, at the highest standards of hospitality and maximum safety.

Our staff has received clear information about the instructions provided by local health authorities (Public Health National Institute, Veterinary Care and Food Safety, Public Health District Authority).

We treat with maximum seriousness and responsibility the current situation, so we have implemented the following prevention measures:

Our hotel teams have been informed in detail regarding the essential measures of prepare and prevent and they and are continuously receiving instructions and improved operating protocols.

Public spaces cleaning frequency will be done no less than 1 hour, all the surfaces and are sterilized with professional products after each guest(including hallways, lifts, door handles, front desk, conference room, public toilets, etc.).

We will increase the cleaning of the rooms (furniture, linen, etc.) sterilizing also with professional products. We will pay special attention at the room cleaning before the arrival of each new guest. Daily cleaning will be done only with previous approval , at request.

We will continue to adjust the food services in conformity with local authorities regulations regarding food care and safety.

All the product entries in the hotel and food aria are carefully checked and sanitized.

Room-service is available. The Menu will be at the guest disposal in Rooms/Apartment and Front Desk.

Online Check-in (guest will receive by e-mail the invite for online check-in) and online payment (to reduce human interaction with contactless and online payment)

There will be a daily check of the employees’ health and immediate actions will be taken at the first sign of illness. Thermometers will be available for all the employees for fever control at starting and finishing working hours; this being file recorded.

All guests are encouraged to use the sanitizer available for free at the entrance of the Restaurant and the other public places.

All the guest are asked to fill in the forms in which they need to declare on their own responsibility the good health condition and that they didn’t travel during the last 14 days in the Covid-19 affected areas (the form can be sent also by e-mail).

There will be placed at the main entrances sanitized mats.

Protection panel at front desk for the safety of both staff and customers against the spread of the virus.

Portfolio locations have signed a contract for antibacterial cleaning with Up Hill Company, using product that respect all the standards and having all the required certifications.

Room keys are disinfected and kept inside sealed envelope.

Cancellation Policy and booking flexibility – we will offer a flexible booking policy taking into consideration the unique circumstances by giving the possibility to the client to cancel free of charge up to 5 days prior arrival.

The additional measures include the personnel training to strengthen the rules and practices of good personal hygiene, the provision of medical masks and gloves for staff and guests.

Daily meetings are held to review the situation; we are in constant communication with staff and guests to keep them informed and to advise them on appropriate measures to take.

Each employee will strictly respect the basic measures for preventing COVID-19 infection: proper hand hygiene, avoid unnecessary interaction, avoid touching the eyes, mouth, nose and follow the recommendation to stay home at the first symptoms of the disease, respecting the information of the employer and the family doctor.

Front Desk and Concierge

Information and communication

The front desk staff is well informed about COVID-19, so that it can safely perform its assigned tasks and prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 within the hotel. They can inform guests about the hotel policy regarding the prevention measures or other services that guests may request (for example, medical and pharmacy services available in the area or at the site itself). They are also able to advise guests with specific symptoms to stay in their rooms until they are seen by a doctor, as well as to provide basic hygiene recommendations when requested. If possible, reception staff should not be older or have chronic illnesses. Front desk staff will take all necessary precautions, including unnecessary interaction with other people.

The reception desk will have at hand the phone numbers of health authorities, medical centers, public and private hospitals and care centers for use whenever there is a possibility that a guest may be ill.

Social distancing measures, together with frequent hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, are the main measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Although you may already be familiar with these measures, we would like to remind you of these aspects as a form of hospitality.

Social distancing includes refraining from hugging, kissing or shaking hands with both guests and staff. This involves maintaining a distance of at least 1 m and avoiding anyone coughing or sneezing.

Hand hygiene means regular and complete cleaning of the hands by rubbing them with an alcohol-based solution or washing them with soap and water. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Hand disinfection is indicated after exchanging items (money, credit cards) with guests.

Respiratory etiquette means covering the mouth and nose with a bent elbow or napkin when you cough or sneeze. The napkin used must be immediately thrown in a bin with a lid.

Periodic inspections shall be carried out to ensure the correct function of soap dispensers and disinfectant solutions, hand dryers, disposable tissue dispensers and other similar devices. Defective devices will be repaired or replaced quickly. The hotel’s action plan includes the installation of devices for dispensing disinfectant gel in different areas of the hotel, including public toilets used by guests and staff, as well as other areas of interest.

Cleaning and housekeeping

Cleaning and disinfection

Even in the absence of COVID-19 cases in the hotel, it is recommended to improve hygiene services. Special attention will be paid to the application of cleaning and disinfection measures in common areas (toilets, hallways, elevator, etc.) as a general prevention measure during the entire COVID-19 epidemic. Particular attention will be paid to objects that are frequently touched, such as handles, elevator buttons, railings, switches, buttons, etc. The cleaning staff is trained accordingly.

Cleaning personnel are additionally trained regarding the preparation, handling, applying and storage of disinfecting products, mostly bleach, that could be at higher concentration than usual.

The phone, remote control equipment, door handles, lift buttons, are disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution.

Whenever possible, only disposable cleaning materials should be used. Non-absorbent cleaning materials should be cleaned as per the manufacturer's instructions before using them in other rooms.

Laundry should be washed at higher temperatures (70 ° C or higher) with standard detergents. All items used will be professionally managed to reduce the risk of potential transmission. Disposable items (hand towels, gloves, masks, napkins) must be placed in a container with a lid and disposed as per the hotel's action plan and national waste management regulations.

We take into account, with the prior approval of the guests, we clean and disinfect the rooms only at check-in and check-out, and the linen and household items will be made only on request.

Cleaning teams are trained in appropriate sanitation methods upon completion of cleaning and disinfection work.

All rooms and common areas are ventilated daily.

Guest obligations and rules of conduct for COVID-19

They have the obligation to permanently follow, by all means, personal hygiene rules and the protection measures, regardless of the moment of the day, anywhere inside the location.

Acknowledge and accept the rules mentioned since the confirmation of the booking for all the mandatory procedures applicable to all the clients inside the hotel regarding the interaction with the employees as well as the other clients.

To accept that, from the arrival at the hotel, he must obey the agreed rules regarding the access, the temperature control and filling in the arrival registration form correctly.

Accept to wear a mask in all public spaces and use hand sanitizer.

To accept the fact that certain services dedicated to all guests could be provided only in series, at different time intervals, in order to ensure the necessary social distance in all public spaces.

To accept the fact that the new working procedures require a significant reduction of the interaction with the employees, this not being a lack of interest on our part.

To respect the safety distance in relation to the employees and the other guests (minimum 1.5 m).

Do not touch their nose, mouth and eyes with uncleaned hands.

Do not sneeze or cough unprotected.

- For any payment we recommend using credit card.

We are constantly following the recommendations and instructions of the local health authorities, in order to offer the best possible services, while protecting the safety of our guests and team.

We will continue to stay focus and we will work closely with the health and safety authorities of all stakeholders.

Thank you for your understanding and support in complaining with this regulation!

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